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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eleven Plus Advice

There will be strong temptation to keep offering advice to your pre examination candidate.

Perhaps you could be minded to remember Eric Parrott’s advice:

Advice to a Young Lady on the Subject of Alcohol.

Beware the man who keeps you late
When Mum says be in by ate,
And shun the chap who, at the Palais,
Invites you to inspect his chalais.

Behave, then, as you really ought,
Refuse that second glass of pought,
Supping unaccustomed liquor
Will only make you fall the quicor;

Drinking brandies at `The Mitre’
Is sure to go and make you titre;
And oh! That headache in the dawn
Will make you wish you’d not been bawn.

Remember then, a maiden oughter
Shun all drink, and stick to woughter.

You could for example start:

Beware the question that keeps you long

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