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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Eleven Plus Mutiple Choice Questions

Many children will be writing their eleven plus examinations in the near future. Children will be sitting with their parents – and grandparents – discussing examination papers and how to cope with multiple choice questions. Sometimes the children will be offered sage advice. On other occasions the discussion could cover more frivolous ground.

Surely every family will know of stories about how examiners construct multiple choice tests. These stories are part of the lore of examinations. One story may capture the imagination of many eleven plus children. Generations of examination candidates believe that sometimes examiners use the same letter for the correct answer several times.

Question 8. C
Question 9. C
Question 10. C
Question 11. C

We would all find this a little unsettling and start worrying that our answers are wrong.

Warn your child against changing the answers even if there do seem to be a run of similar correct answers. Reassure your child that at the worst it could be two in a row and it is highly unlikely that there would be a run of four or five.

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