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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Eleven Plus Regulations

Please do not tell this story to your eleven plus child. Who knows what he or she will think and do on the day of the examination?

You will recall the story of the Oxford undergraduate. We are not sure if he has an ex eleven plus child – but we like to think so. The story describes how the student discovered an ancient regulation that allowed a gentleman to send the invigilator to purchase beer during the examination.

“The ale is only for refreshment, my man.”

“Where is the evidence?” asked the invigilator.

“Here, Sir.” The student duly produced the evidence.

“I will bring your beer.”

Naturally there was another examination on the following day. Before the student could say anything the invigilator carried in a hat, gown and sword.

“Ancient regulations require candidates to wear a hat, gown and sword at all times.”

Fair is fair.

The student had to sit through the examination wearing the full outfit.

Please make sure that the only regulations your child has to observe on the day will include reading questions twice, doing their best and enjoying good luck!

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