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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Eleven Plus Performance Evaluation

Perhaps grammar schools could also consider some form of performance evaluation as well as test results.

Evaluation Report
Date: 8th September 2009
Name: Jane Wilson
Quality of Eleven Plus Preparation: Excellent
Interest Shown in Work: Very involved and motivated
Attitude towards Parents: Co-operative and relaxed
Ability to follow instructions: Quick to grasp detail
Alertness: Promising - many favourable examples can be supplied
Punctuality: Always prepared to start work on time
Personal Appearance: Neat at all times
Strong Points: Does very well on papers – loves the challenge of hard questions
Improvement Shown: Marks on papers have improved from around 80 to over 95.

If this is a typical eleven plus candidate then this could be a useful tool for the admissions team at a grammar school. Perhaps an evaluation could be done by parents, the school and the child. Combining these results, and linking them to scores on actual eleven plus tests, could offer some children an alternative path into grammar school.

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