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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eleven Plus English

A large number of children, down our way, wrote an English essay as part of the eleven plus experience. To many children this must have been a great relief – because the other examination was mathematics. The children were offered a number of topics – and there must have been something for every one.

If any child experienced any difficulty then it is likely that a covering note will have been attached to the script. In the event of the written exercise being used as part of the appeal then parents will be shown their child’s work.

We know that the children will have been told to read the paper and the questions carefully. We know too that the children will have been told, before they started, to choose topics that they know something about.

Perhaps all eleven plus parents, who are the start of their eleven plus journey, could consider writing one of the following essays.

You could set your self a time limit.

You need to complete the written exercise in a specified time.

(After all, if you write a good essay you can potentially earn many extra thousands of pounds. Grammar school children are supposed to earn more.)

Here are three to subjects to choose from:

Are there any school rules you would invent, change of take out?

My Great Idea.

The Big Balloon.

Before you start writing try to make certain that you will have as few interruptions as possible. If the sun is in your eyes – then get up and do something about it. If your writing table or desk has a wobble use the time honoured method of a roll of paper under a leg. If there are distracting noises then raise you hand and complain. (Be assured that I will be listening.)

As soon as you have planned your answer, and you do need to write a plan, look carefully at your writing. Is it neat and well rounded? Have you written in black ink? (You know that black ink is easier to read.)

Have you thought about employing a wide vocabulary? After all you will earn higher marks for well written exercise with a few spelling mistakes.

Half way through the written exercise – have you looked back at your plan to see that you are following the plan?

Have you remembered paragraphs?

Just before you stop writing – read the question just once more and made sure that your ending is to do with the question.

Place your answer in a folder. Invite a few friends around for a meal. Let the food and wine flow. Then stand before your fireplace and read your story aloud. Listen to your friends. They will not hold back!

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