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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Eleven Plus Quiz

You have just conducted a session of work on verbal reasoning with your child. There were only two answers that both of you struggled over. You managed to solve them amicably. For once you were not informed that your partner was quicker, more able, and easier to deal with. You thought – if only I can gasp this golden apple, I may, perhaps, have discovered the secret of working peacefully with my eleven plus child.

You think to yourself. I know how to capture the moment. We can devise a little, but highly personal, eleven plus quiz.

Question 1
Which parts of working together do we enjoy the most?
a) Not fighting together over how to answer questions.
b) Doing verbal reasoning – because we are both better at this than mathematics.
c) Looking, smiling and talking together.

Question 2
Which parts of the verbal reasoning exercise did we both need to help each other with?
a) The hardest questions – even though we solved them in the end.
b) Questions where one of us lost attention – and the other the will to live.
c) The organisation and planning of the verbal reasoning session.

Question 3
Which part of working together was the hardest?
a) When I got distracted
b) When my child got distracted
c) When we were both distracted

Question 4
Which part was most helpful towards your child’s progress towards the eleven plus examination?
a) Working together peacefully
b) Sharing and solving common problems
c) Learning how to do the hard questions.

Question 5
If you had to give yourself and your child a mark out of ten – how would you score?
a) Ten out of ten for working together without drawing any blood.
b) Five out of ten for avoiding confrontation
c) This precious moment was too difficult to reduce to a mere mark. You just want to live the moment for ever and ever.

Putting a score on the quiz.

Give yourself three marks for every question you answered truthfully.

Give yourself two marks for every question you had to think about.

You only earn 1 mark for each question you did not choose to answer on the grounds that anything you said or wrote could be taken down in evidence and used against you.

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