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Friday, December 08, 2006

11 Plus Scoring

One of the advantages of approach of Christmas is the opportunity to play games and have fun. With many games we need to have a score to work out who are winners and losers. It is also a time for making things.

I must confess that I do not, on a regular basis, make paper reindeer. The steps are straightforward, if you follow the instructions in the right order.

Start with paper, scissors, glue and paints.

Fold the paper and draw out the reindeer with his back to the fold.

Score or cut out the shape. Be very careful with the horns.

Fold back the head and neck, and crease.

Push the fold down and push the neck back.

Stand the reindeer up. Contemplate making another seven.

You will recall the voice of your art teacher – from some years ago - explaining how to score.

To score a straight line, run the tip of your scissors along the paper against a ruler. Score curved lines without a ruler. Fold the paper firmly.

So the next time you hear a stories about a child managing to do a whole eleven plus paper in twenty five minutes. Ask yourself, quietly - and do not share your thoughts with anyone else – did the child achieve the score on eleven plus questions or making paper reindeer?

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