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Sunday, December 31, 2006

It is Time to Have a Break.

Quite simply we need oxygen to survive. We breath air into our lungs. In the lungs the oxygen passes through the thin walls and dissolves in the blood. The blood is then pumped round the body. The heart acts as the pump. The oxygen in the blood is thus supplied to all the tissues of the body.

It is essential that the brain is kept full of oxygen. Eleven plus children, and their parents, need lots and lots of oxygen. It essential, therefore, that parents of eleven plus children think deeply about oxygen.

We all know that it seems likely that a wide range of dinosaurs emerged when lots of oxygen was released by the oceans. Divers and the mammals of the sea need oxygen.

The final eleven plus advice of the year is that as the eleven plus examinations grow closer parents should find reliable babysitters. They should then take themselves off on a diving holiday in Fiji. It will be very difficult to worry about the eleven plus examinations while you are preparing to dive, diving and then relaxing in the warm sun after a dive. (Especially if your children are safely thousands of miles away.)

You have done all you can for your child. What will be will be. Go for it, enjoy yourselves. Get a bit of oxygen into your blood.

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