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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Keeping Your Child Focused

The idea of the whole family coming round for Christmas lunch is highly appealing. But how will there be a quiet moment in the day to allow time to do a full Eleven Plus paper in the appointed time?

The answer is crackers.

None of the family will mind settling down to a rip roaring discussion on examination technique just before the arrival of the turkey. All will be enthralled by hearing that scores have reached over 70 on a range of eleven plus papers. The entire family will love to hear how `our’ eleven plus candidate knew something that no one in the rest of the class knew. By skilful persuasion I think that you could keep the family focused on the topic of the eleven plus for a full fifty minutes - just the time it takes to do a paper.

What will be on the famous `Eleven Plus’ cracker strips? Well warm the proceedings up with jokes as tasteless as these:

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.

What dog keeps the best time. A watch dog.

Now add in your eleven plus questions:

Cattle is to l….. as s……… is to bleat.

What is the missing number? 2 5 9 14 29 …..

And finally …. What did the turkey say on the 23rd of December?

Oh, give it a break over Christmas.

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