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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ten Last Minute Words of Comfort:

“Do not worry about these eleven plus tests: remember that you are doing them voluntarily.”

“Do not stop in the middle of a test but work as quickly, and accurately, as you can.”

“Answer all the questions, but do not spend too long over any one question.”

“There are no catch questions.”

“A number of other children will not finish the whole test in the time allowed.”

“The eleven plus tests are designed to test your aptitude – the real you. Just do your best.”

“After you have the results you will be able to make decisions about what you want to do.”

“There will be questions that will not allow for learning and knowledge – so if you find them hard so will every one else.”

“The tests are trying to discover your potential. At your age you have not yet developed your true potential."

“The word `aptitude’ means your natural talent for succeeding in one area. If you do not succeed in these examinations it does not mean that you do not have any other talents. Remember that we love you whatever the results.”

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