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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thank You Lucas

I’ve decided to become a chemist through a study of very high standard of level of achievement. My family in general has become used to receiving very high standards in school from my sister and myself, this being because we have been very inspired or pushed as far as possible in an educational way.

My father is very pushing but over all it has been my sisters side of the family.

My grandparents are teachers and that naturally helps raise the educational level of achievement.

My grandparents have an extra tuition centre in Kent, which I have visited several times and have had some extra tuition for myself. My grandparents, Shaun and Susan, are very expectant of me and have tried to standards by testing me on higher tests than my age.

As I am fluent in four languages at a very young age they think, and are correct at thinking this, that everything is maybe slightly easier for me than for some of my school mates.

Thank You Lucas!

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