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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Setting Objectives

One of ways to approach the eleven plus examinations is by setting objectives. Objectives set out what you are trying to achieve. Eleven plus objectives are set at two levels:

The first is the Corporate level. These are the objectives that concern the whole Eleven Plus examination.

We aim for our child to pass the examination and go to grammar school.

A Functional Eleven Plus objective could be:

We aim to do five different eleven plus verbal reasoning papers before the examinations.

It may be easier to set straight forward functional objectives rather than sweeping corporate ones.

“We aim to complete this exercise before the tide washes the foot print away,” is more achievable than: “We aim to get 10% better on every paper before the examinations.”

A good thing about the beach is that when the tide comes in all marks and signs are washed away. This gives a fresh start twice a day.

“We aim to take the whole family on holiday – if you pass your eleven plus.” This is a statement and, in a way, an objective. What ever name is given it is still bequeaths a lot of pressure on a child – even when the words are accompanied by a little smile. The presence of a smile does not reduce the implications of pressure.

Enjoy your child. Walk on the beach together. Try to avoid unobtainable objectives.

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