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Friday, December 15, 2006

Value for Money

We run 11+ courses in Gravesend after Christmas. This is not an advertisement but a statement of fact. We look forward to the courses because we get to see the latest range of mobile phones. This way we get to see the phones in action – without having to listen to a salesperson. I bought my last one in January on the recommendation of a group of ten year olds.

As well as the phones we see our ten / eleven year olds in their best Christmas clothing. The clothing will range from the very smart to the smartly casual. Boys and girls will be preening in clothing from tight to loose and baggy. The trainers too will come in an extraordinary selection of styles. We do wonder at the prices because we seldom see a pair of trainers that appears to be more than three weeks old. An exciting and unusual variety will be displayed in the boots. We expect to see some high heels too!

We know too that we will see accessorised mobile phones. The ring tones will be expansive and varied. We know that one or two girls will text their mums to `check on things’. The boys will be engaged in taking the battery and sim cards out and comparing them. I had no idea, until last year, that the size and strength of a battery could keep a group of ten year old boys enthralled for just on ten minutes. (Potential geeks?)

Every owner will have their phones on `silent mode’ or switched off. Last year we had no `phone abuse’ at all. It must very tempting for our children to pre-arrange an important `conference’ call designed to impress and irritate.

The speed of texting will be another factor to be marveled over. We know about predictive spelling – but those little fingers will tap out important messages!

Naturally every `new’ phone will be camera or video ready. There will be some serious photography of clothes and each other.

By now you are asking – when does this take place? I suppose you thought that the children were there to work not play on phones.

All I can say is that it is extraordinary what can be achieved in a ten minute break. If your child displays as much energy and vivacious behavior in the examination then you will know that all the money you have spent on clothes and phones will pay a rich dividend in the examination.

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