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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aids to Memory

One of the great advantages of working with windows is the ability to display multiple applications or multiple documents relating to a single application. Each of the window applications, or documents, displays on the screen in its own window, which can be full screen size, part screen size or even reduced to an icon.

It is also very useful to be able to tile or cascade document the windows of a single application. Think how cascading information could help your child to be organised and methodical. It would just take a few clicks of a mouse.

To conserve memory all you need to do is to close some of the unwanted files or documents. (A bit like turning off the T.V.)

If you get carried away and want faster and faster speed all you need is more memory. Memory, at the moment, is becoming cheaper and cheaper for more and more power.

Just think how easy it would be for our eleven plus child if we could close or open some windows at the right time. Think too what it would be like if all you had to do was to drive down to your nearest 11+ memory store and purchase an extra bit of memory.

You would need to buy the right memory – it would be no use buying a non verbal reasoning memory if non verbal reasoning was not tested at your school. A maths memory could be very useful at times.

The salesperson would like you to complete your wish list with a large `Memory’ memory. This would ensure everything that your child was told would be remembered in the examination. You would probably need to back the memory up because it would be terrible for your child to experience unexpected memory loss. This would need to be an additional purchase of the well known `Memory Back Up’ stick. Cheap at the price madam!

The Christmas shopping list is becoming clearer. Top of the list would need to be a new mouse to open and close windows (especially windows of opportunity) as well as the normal 11+ memory and 11+ memory back up sticks. You could do an entire 11+ revision course in the time it takes to cook the turkey – if you spent enough money on the right size of course. Remember too that that all memory sticks are up to 20% cheaper in the duty free shops.

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