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Monday, January 08, 2007

10 Nice things to say to Your Child

Lots of children will be writing eleven plus examination in Kent and other parts of the country in the next few days. Parents will be concerned for their children. They will want their children to do well – but not at any price. Naturally you will want to try to be nice as possible to your children as the tension mounts.

You have worked hard for some time and you are well prepared. You have done a wide range of papers. You have simply done your best.

All of us in the family have seen the progress you have made with your work. We can all see that you have tried very hard. We respect the effort you have made.

Your teacher at school has remarked on how well you are doing now. Continue to work hard at school. Your school has done the best they can. All your school can ask from you now is that you do the best you can.

Just take each examination as it comes. You will meet some difficult questions. Just think about the questions you have been able to do. Do not fuss too much over the few really hard questions.

Every one of us is different. You know that are some questions you will be able to do easily. You will struggle with other questions. Every child sitting in the examination will also have strengths and weaknesses. Do not panic, just work through your problems.

You have seen how your new watch has helped you to control the time you spend on questions. When you reach a batch of questions that you may find hard, take a quick look at your watch, just as we have been doing together, and watch your time. You have improved your timing of papers – so it is unlikely that you will struggle.

You are writing the eleven plus examinations to give yourself a number of choices. If you pass you can choose whether or not you want to go to grammar. We have discussed this point a number of times and we know that you would prefer to go off with your friends – but complete the examination to the best of your ability – and when you have the results you will be able to make your mind up.

You will be faced by many examinations in life. You have already coped with many problems and have solved those problems. You have learnt to swim, ride a bike, read, do maths, dance – you are good at so many different things. Be confident of your own ability. Once again think of what you can do well. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Occasionally children who do not pass the eleven plus are given the opportunity to sit a kind of 12+ examination. Gaps and places may appear at the Grammar School. A few of you may be given a second chance for a place in the grammar school. You will need to keep working very hard at school to maintain your progress and the standard of your work. This is especially important when you go to senior school. At senior school you will need to try to be among the very best before the school will recommend you. So after the eleven plus examinations you will need to keep working hard. When you arrive at senior school you will need to keep working hard.

After the examinations are over we will not dwell on the results. We will try to take any pressure off you. We won’t keep mentioning the examinations. Naturally, because we are your parents, the topic will come up occasionally.

If you pass we will love you. If you fail we will love you. As it is we simply love you and hope for the best. Good luck!

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