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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Team Building

One of the great problems of the eleven plus examinations is that the examination is aimed at finding individuals who can pass an examination.

Think how much easier it would be for children if they could enter the examination as part of a team. Just think of the manner in which parents, teachers and tutors would be able to change they way they prepare children. The key naturally would be learning to be part of a team.

Instead of your child sitting quietly at a desk ,working steadily through a paper, you would be working together on team building skills.

Instead of struggling over the order of letters in a verbal reasoning exercise your loved one would be sitting precariously on a raft - bouncing down rapids.

You would be sitting with other parents watching a team of seal like children rehearsing a synchronised swimming exercise.

Best of all you, as parents, would be sitting quietly in the lounge of your prestigious local hotel while a top American T.V. star regaled your children. You would be able to tell your family and friends that the weekend’s team building exercise cost over £300.00. Does that not sound so much better value for money than stating that you stayed in while your child completed a sample 11+ paper?

The children would be working together - developing skills they will need for the rest of their lives. Leadership and motivation would be polished and developed.

When this carefully bonded team reached senior school they would work and play together. They would assist each other with homework. They would study together. What a potent force! What a pleasure to teach. What lucky teachers!

So here we have it. A child working studiously through a sample paper or a team of happy and stimulated children enjoying leaning life skills. Deep in your heart - which would you prefer?

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