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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Our children really do have brains!

We went to the Horniman Museum this morning. The Horniman Museum is in South London, on the South Circular Road (A205). Entrance is free. This is an extraordinary museum - and is certainly a place where children are welcome.

One of the collections concentrates on the development of man. Naturally animals and birds are also featured. The section of skulls is very interesting because along side the skulls are models of brains. In some cases the skulls have been opened up so that it is possible to see just how big the human brain really is.

As we can imagine the mass of a newborn human brain is pretty small - about 400g. While the mass of an adult human brain is around 1500g. Our ten year olds, writing eleven plus examinations, will have a mass somewhere in between.

Our brains requires a lot of care and attention. We need to feed them the right diet. We also have to make sure that we maintain careful temperature control in order to function properly. Above all we need to try to do our best to stimulate and excite our children’s brains.

The next time you doubt your child’s ability - and the size of your child’s brain I suggest a trip to the museum. Look at how thin the skull really is. Marvel at the actual size of the brain. Try to work out exactly where the non verbal reasoning cells are situated.

Dip your knee in a little prayer - and tell your child that whatever the results you know they will do their best.

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