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Monday, January 15, 2007

The First Day

The first day at the new school has arrived. In the days before you have talked about the new school. You have driven past the gates on a number of occasions. You bought the new uniform about a month ago. As you look at your child you wonder why you did not buy one size larger – there has been so much growth in just one month.

You have checked the contents of the school bag at least twice. Pens, pencils, scientific calculator, rulers, rubbers – even a very small packet of tissues are counted and recounted. As you walk outside to the car you will be horrified to see your son drop the brand new school bag in a muddy puddle. (If it is too new it won’t look cool.)

You will turn the CD player up as high as you can dare make it go. Good rocking music to cheer your heart. You will share a bite of your healthy cereal bar. Your driving will be ultra careful – you will display unusually good manners. You will let through cars until the vehicle behind starts to hoot in frustration.

As you turn into the school road your first half formed sentences will be forced out.

“Now remember that I will not be here to pick you up today as I am going to see Aunt Mildred in hospital.”

“I hope you have enough to eat in your bag. I know you are going to have school lunches but I put in some extra food in case you get hungry during the day.”

“I am so glad that that awful boy will not be going to your new school.”

“I suppose you will miss your lovely teacher from last year. She did so much to build your confidence.”

“Be careful when you start climbing the bars in the gym. They do look very high. We will need to buy a new swimming costume too.”

“Now remember where we agreed that you would meet your dad, just by the big steps near the gate. Your dad will not be able to park close by – so look out for him. Do not go outside the school gates until you see him. Be careful crossing the road.”

“Oh, I do hope you enjoy your new school. We are all so proud of you. Good luck. See you this evening.”

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