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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Make an Eleven Plus Wish

We hope that every child writing eleven plus examinations at the end often week will be offered roast chicken today. Roast chicken is not only tasty but very parts of the chicken are lucky.

We all know that when we pull apart the breast bone of a chicken that the person who is left with the longer part will have their wish come true. Many of us also close our eyes when we are making that wish.

Our suggestion for today is that you prepare two chickens today. One to be used for the ritual pulling of the `wish bone’ at the dinner table and the other to be used in the examination room as a `lucky wish bone'. When your child gets stuck on a particularly hard question the wishbone is used. All your child has to do is to call the teacher in charge across, look carefully at the wishbone to make sure that the right end has been selected, close eyes, wish and pull.

The correct answer will come flooding into the mind. Remember, however, to remind your child not to tell anyone the answer because we know that if we do tell what was wished for, then the wish will not come true. (I have it on good authority that a written answer is not the same as telling any one.)

For the rest of us good luck is obtained by being positive and cheerful about the examination. Help your child to try to visualise doing well in the examination.

On the lead up to the examination try to engage in as much discussion as possible on subjects unrelated to the outcomes of the examination. You want your child to arrive feeling relaxed and lucky.

But don’t leave all to chance. Attach the breastbone to a slim gold chain. Make sure that the gold chain costs exactly seven pounds. Try to catch your neighbour’s black cat so that the whole family can spit for luck. After all, the more you prepare the luckier

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