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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Future of the Eleven Plus

The power and skills of today’s ten year olds are far wider than the content of mere examinations. When the originators of the eleven plus examinations were working out what should in the content they did not know about digital cameras and the power of publishing on the internet.

The digital camera, for example, has the ability to inform and educate. People have had cameras for years and the connection to the internet has been around since before our ten year olds were born. With the connection of the digital camera and the web comes the chance to educate our children in a very different manner.

A search on YouTube on the word `Mathematics’ throws up songs about mathematics as well as different videos on teaching mathematics. I was particularly taken by a video on `vedic mathematics’. This video showed a method of teaching multiplication that certainly does not come into the National Curriculum.

YouTube is still in its infancy – but it is an example of the forefront of tools to educate and stimulate. If this tool had been available the `educators’ of yesteryear may have devised very different batteries of tests.

This weekend I watched a ten year old take a picture, down load it onto her laptop, write a story in English and Spanish, and then publish to this blog. She used her camera, her brain, her email connection and her lap top. All of us would like to think that she has skills and knowledge far beyond the confines of an examination. Her work can be seen on our Extra Tuition Centre blog.

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