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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Planning Your Celebration

We still have a bottle of Brut Imperial `Moet & Chandon’ Champagne. It is of the 1995 vintage. We bought it when it was still young to be able to have a bottle in the house when we heard the news of our lottery win. Many weeks and years have gone past. We are no nearer to a win. We have eyed the bottle on a number of special occasions. The box is unopened. The bottle is unopened. One day! (We hope!)

Parents waiting for eleven plus results may consider the effect on the family of getting in early with the purchase of the basics of a `big’ party. Naturally it will be a big party. As well as family and friends you will need your child’s teachers and head teacher. Along with sausage rolls and cheese the central piece will naturally be the rather big bottle of champagne. As the guests enter the room your loved one will be standing proudly beside the bottle explaining that the bottle is in fact a `Nebuchadnezzar‘.

He was the King of Babylon between 605-562 BC. Remember the hanging gardens? The story goes that he built the gardens. Well this big Nebuchadnezzar, the centre piece of the party, is worth 20 bottles.

The cost of the big bottle will be between £850 and £900. I am not sure that what they currently cost on ebay.

If you make the outlay and buy the bottle, just think of how proud your child will feel in your confidence. On the other hand if you wait till after the results are out before you make the purchase, then you may be forced to go without.

I think you should get the bottle either way - pass or fail. It should be a good party. It we don’t win the lottery by 2055, our champagne will be a hundred years old. Don’t wait that long to celebrate your child’s endeavour and effort.

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