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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Checking Up on Dates

We host our blog on a BT Server. When I could not post my blog on the 12th – because of an error message from Google I naturally contacted BT. Chris, a very learned man explained to me in simple terms:

BT changed servers. As I said, the new root folder for the website is 'public' (instead of 'docs'), so you'll want to publish your blog to '/public/blog'.

This was an easy change to make, I understand, but our super IT guru was working in Madrid for six days.

BT had simply forgotten to warn its customers of the proposed change – otherwise we could have made the change earlier.

I solemnly kept writing the blog on a daily basis as the blog now has over 400 entries. I will try to load all the missing blogs over the next few days.

I am sure that you telephoned the church a few days before you were married – just to make sure. You will also have checked with the catering company that all was still `well’ with the food. You may even have checked on your minister – if you had any suspicion about his ability to live a pure and blame free life.

In just the same way you need to take your `Eleven Plus Dates’ letter out of your filing cupboard and check on the dates and times. Check with the school office if you still have any concerns.

I am pretty sure that you were able to change the order of the Church or Registry Office service. You will not have the same opportunity with the eleven plus examinations. The only way that you could effect a change is to move. (A rather drastic step?)

I wish now that I had had the forethought to know that BT would move all its customers to a new server. But imagine how sad I would have been if I had been unable to enter my child for the eleven plus examinations because I had not received a letter telling when and where the examination takes place.

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