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Friday, September 21, 2007

Eleven Plus Copyright - blog of 13/09/07

Any text or graphic material is usually copyrighted for 70 years from the death of the originator or copyright owner. In simple terms this means that any thing produced for the eleven plus market today will be copyrighted until the year 2079. If we have really young author entering the eleven plus market, and he or she died in sixty years time, then I presume that the material would only go into public domain in many years time (This would make a good Eleven Plus question. If you do work out the answer, please let me know.)

You can’t fall foul of copyright material if a person paraphrases someone’s work. The work then is not copyright as it is the words that constitute the copyright – not the thoughts behind the word.

So you can make up Eleven Plus questions for your child – but you can not copy an Eleven Plus paper belonging to someone else. The usual consequence for infringing copyright is damages and/or a criminal conviction.

We disposed of our photocopy machine some eleven years ago. This has not only saved a lot of money – but has meant that there is no way that we, as an organisation, can be pulled up for a copyright offence.

Think too of the all the paper we have saved!

(This is the blog of 13/09/07 when BT changed the pointer to our blog - but did not tell us. BT hosts our blog.)

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