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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The New Seven Wonders of the Eleven Plus

The October 2007 National Geographic magazine arrived in the post this morning. This edition covers Biofuels, Latin America from the Sky, Infectious Animals and the Space Age at 50. As usual this is a wonderful collection of stimulating articles. The cover picture is of an ear of corn grown by a farmer who hopes he’ll get a higher price from an ethanol factory opening nearby.

By chance there is a `Special Promotion’ in the National Geographic covering the `New Seven Wonders of the World’. This is a contemporary attempt to create an alternative to the `Ancient Seven Wonders of the World’.

Chichen Itza – A pre-Columbian archaeological site
Christ the Redeemer – The statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janerio
The Great Wall of China
Petra – The carved stones in Jordan
The Taj Mahal
The Colosseum
Machu Picchu

So naturally we need to bring the Seven Wonders of the Eleven Plus child up to date too with a child who:

Tidies the bedroom without being reminded
Settles down to homework with complaining
Never wants or eats junk food
Avoids arguing with parents
Does not fight with siblings
Believes in Father Christmas
Says thank you after being told off.

This list is simply endless. There must be many runners up to the above list. Any thoughts?

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