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Friday, September 21, 2007

Eleven Plus Progress - Blog 14/09/07

Parents seem to want their children to be happy and contented at school. But parents also have other agendas.

When they are told about their child’s marks at school they naturally give praise where it is due. They then want to know how well their child had done compared to other children in the class. If their loved one has done better than a child acknowledged by all to be a leader then they, the mums and dads, are happy. If their poor child has to admit that they were beaten by another child in the class then the great inquisition begins.

So how can a parent assess progress?

1. Play ground chatting. This is a very powerful tool used by parents to disseminate information. Here a parent learns about life in the classroom, the school and the world in general.

2. Your child’s peers. This is possibly the most reliable method of finding out how well you child has done. Here you will hear about time spent in at break time. You will know who talks the most and who the class favourite is.

3. Casual Chats – these are incidental chats to your child’s class teacher. You approach the teacher smiling and happy with the school, your child and life in general. You get pleasant, relaxed – but rather hurried feedback.

4. Open Evening – this is the one time when a parent must not pick a fight. An open evening is to hear what your teacher has to say about your child. You listen respectfully – after all this is the professional in charge of your child. You arrange for any `loud discussions’ on any occasions when it is unlikely that any other parent can hear the conversation or dialogue.

5. The head teacher – this is where you write down what you want to say on a piece of paper. After all just being near a head teacher brings all sorts of emotions to the fore. Listen carefully, maintain eye contact, leave respectfully and offer a little prayer of thanks.

By the way – your child may also have some views on progress!

(I could not post this blog on the 14th because BT changed the root path of our blog - and did not inform us until after the event.)

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