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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of Vans, Lorries and Mums.

I went round the M25 to Reading today. This is a round trip of about 160 miles from Gravesend. This meant a few hours of listening to the radio and watching huge lorries thunder past. The little vans are always the most entertaining. It seems that a number of little van drivers talk on the phone. The vans also dart from lane to lane like swooping swallows.

The outside lane appears to be characterised by the shiny cars. These cars are either big and shiny or little and shiny. Middle sized cars seem to drive in the middle lane.

We know of a mother who drives her daughter thirteen miles to school. She then drives home. At the end of school she drives another thirteen miles and then another thirteen miles back.

We then need to add normal `mum type’ trips – grocery shopping, coping with the other children in the family and even having a little time to do something for herself.

So if any one needs to know about how to sort out or road system I can think of one person who should be on the think tank. (I know that she has to drive an extra twelve miles for a `lesson’ round trip. I know this because I asked.)

So the next time you see a car driven by a woman looking calm, resigned and relaxed spare a thought for our mum. It is quite extraordinary what parents will put themselves through to educate their children

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