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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Post Eleven Plus First Day Back

Today my thoughts are very much with the parents of the children who will be starting a new school year.

We know of a number of our past eleven plus children who will be starting grammar school this week. They will be walking through the school gates – no doubt a little nervous – and excited. I wonder how many will think back to their teachers through from Reception to Year6. I am sure that some of those teachers will be saying a little prayer for them.

Some children will be taking lunch money as well as a packed lunch. Someone will emerge in the class as a natural leader and decree for or against packed lunches. Some children, on a day like this, may prefer comfort food rather than the healthy option.

If you think of your child wandering up and down unfamiliar corridors and stair cases – then surely they will be too busy for them to be able spare a thought for you. It is very likely that the next time they think of you is when the school day is over and they think of food. (We are back again on the comfort food versus healthy discussion.)

You will look at your child fondly as he or she enters your home. You will wonder just how that mark appeared on that brand new blazer.

You will ask about homework and friends.

You just hope for three or more sentences strung together in a coherent and willing manner.

You will enquire about food. You will ask what happened to the tasty snacks you stuffed into the lunch box. You brain will think again about food and tomorrow. The cycle is under way.

Good luck – and enjoy it while you can. The next few years will go very quickly. Far too quickly!

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