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Monday, December 03, 2007

Eleven Plus Music

Every now and then parents could get drawn into a prolonged discussion about working and background music.

“Mum, you like to have the radio on in the kitchen when you are cooking.”

Dad, you listened to your music while you were cooking Sunday’s roast.”

“Mum, you listened to music when you were reading for your degree assignments.”

“You are only just saying that because you do not like the music I like. You are so behind and un-cool.”

So to save yourself from being behind and un-cool you may need to occasionally break the rule.

The first track to `get into the mood’ will need to be some rag time – preferably Jelly Roll Morton.

As your child’s heartbeat needs to slow down you need to play some blues – what about the master – Louis Armstrong. Some really cool blues trumpet playing could be guaranteed to raise scores by as much as 6 points!

As you reach midway through the `working to music section’, what about some Charles Brown? This would help to set up the brain patterns with a combination of rhythm and blues.

Before the work comes to an end you need some Queen Latifar. This will bring a cadence and an urgency.

Finally, as you put the books away, you will need some of the new Spice Girls music.

A little music like this, delivered through your ipod, could educate and uplift your child.

Eleven Plus work could become a source of discussion and learning far beyond the confines of mere verbal reasoning exercises.

Naturally I welcome any improvements on my selection.

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