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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eleven Plus Tassels

An enduring sight is the moment when an undergraduate swings his or her tassel round the mortarboard at graduation. This is the reward of all the hard work over a number of years.

An equally seminal moment is when a golfer steps up to the tee, with shiny new clubs and bright golf shoes adorned with tassels. The newer the clubs and the longer the tassel the more likely the ball will land in the rough never to be seen again.

When we go to Morocco we sometimes see men wearing a fez – and this is often adorned by a tassel.

A tassel is an essential element of a belly dancer’s costume.

We see tassels on curtains and curtain ties.

We also see tassels on boys’ caps.

Girls some wear caps with tassels when they act as bridesmaids.

There is a wonderful website called :

So with this wide use of tassels we need the special Eleven Plus Tassel.

The Bronze Tassel would be for children who have completed 5 full Eleven Plus papers before the examination.

The Silver Tassel would be for children who have worked through all the Bond, all the NFER, all the Athey – and the works of three other publishers.

The Gold Tassels have to go to the children who remember to say: “Thank you.”

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