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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eleven Plus Technology

I wonder how many times a week the average Eleven Plus family use their microwave ovens? We know that microwave ovens cook with radiation rather than heat. The microwaves are high frequency electromagnetic waves that bounce off the oven wall and into the food. The waves are absorbed by the water in the food and converted into heat.

The great thing about microwaves is the speed they can cook at.

“Would you like a baked potato?”

“Yes please.”

“It will be less than ten minutes. You have enough time to start on the paper.”

The next great use of microwave technology that will occur in nearly every Eleven Plus family is Bluetooth.

We use Bluetooth to engineer a method of allowing a connection between a range of devices like our mobile phones and Sat Navs. We can even transfer information and photographs or video between laptops and cameras.

So here are all the tools for a child to have in place before starting on a piece of Eleven Plus work.

Security in the knowledge that `mother’ or `father’ will be able to produce a hot meal in around twelve minutes.

Confidence that in the knowledge that a meal can be reheated in a few minutes without becoming soggy or losing its flavour. (This is especially helpful if your Eleven Plus wonder decides to complete the paper before eating.)

Wonder in participating in an exchange of data through Bluetooth. (I wonder if we will ever take this for granted.)

So as parents you can now go out to buy last minutes Christmas presents. Your Eleven Plus child can connect up to seven devices through Bluetooth. So look for the label and buy in confidence.

Oh, and how will knowledge of microwaves help in the examinations? We know that the micro wave is on a short frequency. Hence food cooks in a uniform manner within a microwave. We know too that Bluetooth is at present a `push technology. So in a last resort in the examination room your child should be able to connect to six other candidates. The phrase `Ask a friend’ should help considerably.

Good luck to all parents at Christmas – and buy wisely.

P.S. Naturally all children attending our post Christmas Eleven Plus courses are cordially invited to bring their Wii to the course. We could have a fantastic time!

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