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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Pulse of the Eleven Plus

Dear Teacher

I would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to help me with my examination preparations.

I have only a few days left to go to my examinations which will take place in early January of 2008.

As you know I am particularly worried about reading the questions carefully.

Please help.

Your Pupil.


Dear Pupil

I am happy to have this opportunity of trying to help with your examination preparation.

You have always been a hardworking and ambitious pupil.

I think that you must place your watch down on the table in front of you. You know I have suggested that you used a watch with a very big face. Before you start on the a question look at the second hand of the watch and count off ten seconds before you start reading. This will remind you to slow down and read the question carefully. You may also remember to read the question twice!

Good luck.

Your Teacher.


Dear Teacher

Thank you for your clever suggestion. I know that Father Christmas is going to bring me a watch with a big face for Christmas. I have already asked Father Christmas for a watch with a large clear face – and a big second hand.

What worried me about counting to ten before I start on a question is that my heart starts to beat really fast.

I know that my pulse slows down as I read the question and write the answer.

Do you think that the rise and fall of my pulse rate will affect my performance on the day of the examination?

Your Pupil


Dear Pupil

You are most observant. It is clear that you have been practising in a sensible manner. Well done.

As we have discussed previously you measure your pulse rate by placing the tips of three of your fingers onto your wrist.

You will feel your blood pulsing. On some questions your pulse rate will probably remain between 60 – 70 beats a minute. On other questions your pulse may climb to around 100.

It is normal to have fluctuations of your pulse rate.

Enjoy the examination.

Enjoy the drama of Eleven Plus day.

Thank you for coming to me for lessons.

I remain –

Your Teacher

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