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Friday, December 28, 2007

Your Eleven Plus Buddy

A few years ago I had the privilege of being able to sail from Alicante in Spain to Las Palmas. Alicante is North of Malaga. Las Palmas is a Spanish City and is the capital city of Gran Canaria.

I joined the Lord Nelson which is specially designed tall ship. The ship takes a voyage crew of around 40 with a professional crew of about 10. Every one works on the ship – hence the name of `voyage crew’. The organisers aim to have 20 able bodied voyagers and 20 disable voyagers. Thousands of disabled and able bodied crew have sailed on the Lord Nelson.

The great thing about any voyage is that everyone is encouraged to take an active part in the sailing of the ship. The work is varied to encourage everyone to be able to do something. Able bodied crew are linked to disabled crew through a buddy system.

A buddy offers support twenty four hours a day to someone who is disabled. The help could be with dressing, shaving and eating as well as assistance with a wheel chair if necessary.

The Lord Nelson offers an experience very few of us are able to enjoy. We think of a buddy as being a friend or a casual acquaintance. There is also another form of definition of the term `buddy’ and this is where you assist some one less able or in need of help.

So as your child approaches the Eleven Plus examinations at times he or she will need you as a mum or a dad.

As the count down to the examination takes place, your child may need you at times as a buddy and a helpful friend.

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