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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Eleven Plus Success

It is rather sad to think that perfume was originally used in ancient times to disguise low standards of personal hygiene.

The Egyptians, however, were frequent bathers and used moisturising oils perfumed with flowers, herbs and spices. The Egyptians took great comfort in the Seven Sacred Oils. The Egyptians believed that the gods were fragrant beings – so they devised perfumes that told the story of the gods. Sweet smells were used to repel evil and strong smells to restore the senses of the dead.

A particularly brave commander, after having won a battle, was commanded to anoint his victorious soldiers with perfume.

We know that as a human race we are great believers in tradition. We know too that some traditions transcend races, nationalities and borders. This is why there have been outbreaks all over the country of men and woman buying perfume.

This is nothing to do with smelling sweet for Christmas. It is simply to do with the Eleven Plus examinations. Parents new to Eleven Plus traditions may not be aware of the need to anoint their children with selections from the ever changing `Eleven Plus Perfume’ range.

There is a special perfume for children who have passed the examination.

There is a special perfume for the `failed by two marks’ children.

There is a special perfume for the `Oh, we only did it for the practice’ children.

There is an even more special perfume for the children who really do want to go but just could not achieve the pass level.

The other three perfumes are for children who have simply done their best.

Naturally you know that the perfumes are only available `on line’. All the major credit cards are accepted. Simply log on to

Remember that all your hard work is really for: `The sweet smell of success!’

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