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Friday, December 07, 2007

Eleven Plus Workers

If ever your most loved ten year old has the slightest sniff at the idea of doing some Eleven Plus work at an `inconvenient’ moment may I commend to you a prolonged viewing of the Ant Cam at the Natural History Museum.

This is the life of a worker in the raw.

Here your child will be able to see earnest workers plying their trade.

He or she will see ants carrying big loads.

The endless round of routine work is demonstrated is a graphic form.

Now I know your child may think that you are trying to be funny. But explain that looking at ants at work is quite an educational exercise. Explain that that if he or she wants to cope with something that is really sad, they need to learn some handy hints:

“When pouring medicine from a bottle always pour from the side opposite the label. This will prevent drops running down over a label and obscuring what is printed on the label.

Use a tea strainer when taking eggs out of a saucepan.

So if the minutiae of the Eleven Plus seems to be getting to you with wide ranging conversations about watching worker ants to pouring medicine and retrieving eggs then why not trying a traditional Eleven Plus drink called a `Corps Reviver’.

The recipe for a pre Eleven Plus `Corpse Reviver’ is:

2-3 ice cubes
1 measure brandy
0.5 measure Calvados
0.5 measure sweet vermouth

Shake to mix. Strain into cocktail glass.

Repeat until you feel better.

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