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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walking To School = Better Results

We know that a yellow bus system would help traffic congestion outside schools at the start and the end of the school day.

Using a yellow bus would save on fuel.

Climate change would also be affected.

Some children may even have to walk a little to meet the yellow bus. This would help with obesity,

We know that reducing congestion and obesity are twin targets for every right minded person.

So we need to be able to help some of our children to be able to cycle or walk to school. Walking is easier to organise than cycling. To cycle to school our children would need properly defined cycle paths or cycle lanes – and that is not always possible.

Mini exclusion zones around schools have already been suggested. This would allow children more freedom as they approach school.

Naturally a good percentage of our bright and alive Eleven Plus children would want to be involved in a scheme that encouraged healthy eating and saving the planet.

Picture the scenario. The bus pulls up outside the door. The much loved Eleven Plus child sinks onto the bus seat, hooks up the seatbelt, slips on the headphones and plugs in the video ipod. The Eleven Plus lesson of the day is downloaded. There would be an Eleven Plus teacher on the bus to help with any problems:

Lost ipod
Lost headphones
Lost the will to work
Lost the will to walk

Changing fractions to decimals
Non verbal reasoning problems

The school bus pulls up half a mile from the school. The road to school has been cleared of all traffic. The children walk to school and arrive flushed and healthy.

The children are greeted by a team of happy and involved teachers who look forward to a day of teaching without trauma and strife.

The main benefit to our Eleven Plus children would be the fifteen minutes of revision and consolidation on a variety of topics. This will provide refreshed memories, larger brains, better results, happier parents, fulfilled children and improved Eleven Plus results. What a combination! I can’t wait.

Would all these riches accrue as a result of walking to school? Fewer cars, less congestion, more buses and better examination results – it all sounds like a dream.

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