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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eleven Plus Resolutions

We all know that we derive much more pleasure from giving a present to receiving one. But think of the pleasure I gained from receiving a 100w solder gun with an illumination light and some solder.

The pleasure came in reading the instructions. Now we know that mere males are not allowed to read instructions but the instructions for the Soldering Gun Kit were very helpful.

Due to the function of the gun, the tip will become very hot. Inexpert or negligent use may cause burnt patches or scorches to working surfaces and even burns to skin.

I started wondering what kind of instruction parents needed to be given before embarking on an Eleven Plus course with a child.

Due to the function of the child, the emotions will, at times, run very hot. Inexpert or negligent use may cause friction between parents and children and even lead to tears.

Keep the work area free of clutter, damp and inflammable materials. Never expose the soldering gun to high ambient temperatures.

Keep your child’s work area free of TV, computer games and gadgets. Never expect or even allow your child to work in clutter.

Objects to be soldered must be clean. Items should be cleaned with steel wool, or fine abrasive paper.

Eleven Plus papers should be clean and preferably new. Pencil marks should be rubbed out with a good quality rubber. It is easier to return to a page if it is neat and clean looking.

So now that the year is nearly over why not add yet another resolution to your all ready long list of resolutions?

I will help my child to work in a clutter free area. I will allow TV and all distractions only at times that do not interfere with work. Every now and then I will surprise my child with a clean and new Eleven Plus paper. I promise to keep this resolution until after the Eleven Plus examinations.

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