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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Eleven Plus and Chess

One game that has been played all over the world - and at many different levels - is chess. Over the year there have been many writers on the subject and many newspapers carry daily comment on past and present games.

Chess is all about the triumph involved in the words `Check Mate'. You are trying to create a situation where you develop your pieces to try to capture your opponent's king. You need your own army. How many people in real life can create their own warrior army? To force mate you need:

King and Queen
King and Rook
King and two Bishops
King, Knight and Bishop

Chess is about attack and defense. There are moves that can be studied and learnt. There is a place for revision and consolidation. There is the challenge of trying to beat an opponent. At times a chess player could play against a vastly superior player.

As many people know, there is considerable potential pleasure in teaching some one else to play chess. Helping some one else to do well in the eleven plus examination must be a similar experience. Eleven plus papers can, to some, present similar exciting challenges to the learner and the teacher.

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