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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Eleven Plus Syllabus

The issues associated with the development of the eleven plus are long standing. The eleven plus syllabus is essentially a form of relationship between the the men and women who set the examination and the eleven plus children. The examiner can explore broad areas - and at the same time focus on a surprisingly limited aspect.

Teachers, parents and eleven plus tutors play their part in developing strategies they think will help their children to pass the eleven plus. What is taught in an eleven plus lesson is what the teacher or the parent thinks will be needed at a certain time. Teachers and parents, at the present time, can not alter the content of the eleven plus.

It is uncertain if any grammar schools wish to change the content and the form of the eleven plus.

One major problem in effecting change in the eleven plus is that the tests that are used have to be examinable. This places limitations on assessment.

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