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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eleven Plus Children

We may sometimes hear comments, and possibly make comments, about the ordinal position of a child in the family. At this stage I have to declare my interest, as I am a second child – and a middle child. (In other words there were three children in our side of the family.)

If your eleven plus child is an only child – this is supposed to influence examination results.

Of course an only child will have certain other advantages and disadvantages. I have no idea what these are in the actual examination.

Naturally the youngest is always felt to have special powers that lead to examination success. Again I must plead ignorance.

The oldest child is supposed to be more adult orientated. He or she is felt to be more confident – and more serious.

Middle children are, by all accounts, a problem. (Poor children.)

Only children seem to want attention and are likely, according to legend, to be rather excitable at times.

I am sure we would all be grateful for further information about birth order and the eleven plus. If any one has ... Please ….

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