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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Eleven Plus Snowman

The Magic Snowman

It all started when I built the snowman. The snowman had a funny face, his face was upside down, and he had a sparkly hat.
When night time came he came to life.
I was asleep and I woke up to see what was happening as I heard a crash. I came rushing downstairs and the snowman was alive. I was shocked.
I went to call mum and dad but the snowman stopped me and said, “Don’t tell your parents, I am your secret.”
The snowman sprinkled some magic snow and quick as a flash we were at the dockyard. We went on a steam paddle boat. The boat went over a lake that leads to a steam museum.
Then he sprinkled some more magic snow and all the stuff that had been invented came to life.
We watched the steam machines work as they did in the olden days.
I said to the snowman, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”
“Yes” said the snowman, “Let’s go to the war museum.”

The snowman sprinkled more magic snow and they were soon on a steam locomotive.
The locomotive did not have much power so the snowman sprinkled some more magic snow and the locomotive went a thousand miles an hour.
After the snowman had sprinkled more magic snow the figures came to life and the tanks began to work. The tanks shot at the bad tanks. The war planes came to life and soon they were having a dog fight. Pretend bombs started to explode.
The snowman said, “I think we should go to another museum as this is getting a bit rough!”
Bang bang boom boom! Off went the bombs.
A good tank launched a missile and it went down the barrel of the bad tank and after a few minutes the tank exploded. BANG! BOOM off went the bad tank when it exploded into lots of piece of burnt metal.

The snowman sprinkled magic snow on himself and onto me and we started to fly and we flew to the science museum. We looked at the rockets and the snowman filled up the engines with rocket fuel. The rockets started to go all over the place. We were dizzy because they were circling around us. And then the snowman sprinkled some magic snow over everything else in the museum and everything came to life. Cars were driving about and trains were all over the place and lots of science experiments began to work on their own.

The snowman sprinkled some more magic snow and suddenly we were home and I was asleep and the snowman was outside.
In the morning I went to see the snowman but he had melted at night time.
The End!

Dictated by Kai (Six and a half years old.)

On course for the Eleven Plus?

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