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Friday, January 08, 2010

True Eleven Plus Bliss

How many times do we need to encourage eleven plus children to revise and relearn eleven plus topics? On eleven plus courses some children are often confronted by new and unfamiliar topics. Parents may need to look back to their children learning the two times table. It is likely that some considerable time was spent helping their child to learn and understand why four times two makes eight. How much time needs to be spent revising at the eleven plus stage?

It is probably pointless trying to encourage a child to have perfect understanding of a particular eleven plus question – mainly because we never know just how the eleven plus examiners will set the question. What parents are trying to do is make their child more confident and positive about confronting an unknown question.

As the examination grows closer, and similar types of questions have been revised over and over, then parents will hope that their child approaches the examination in an organised manner. When an eleven plus topic was learnt for the first time there may have been a period of guessing and trials.

“No, dear. You can not say the first number that comes into your mind.”

“But Mum.”

“Read the question slowly. Break it up. What is the question actually asking?”

In the examination you will hope that the same topic, and a similar question, is approached systematically. If you insist on too much repetition you could lead to test fatigue and boredom.

To reach absolute perfection could take more that your child is physiologically capable.

A period of `Eleven Plus Stagnancy’ could develop. The word `ennui’ springs to mind.

Parents may need to develop new incentives and strategies over the course of eleven plus preparation.

On the actual day of the examination you want a perfect performer. He or she must be untrammelled by the past – and excited the about the opportunities that the examination could open.

“Mum, do you remember that question where I kept guessing and you got so cross?”

“Yes dear, I have a faint recollection.”

“Well I met a question like that today. I was lucky because we revised it only last week. Thanks Mum.”

Is that moment exquisite bliss?

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