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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Eleven Plus Instructions

Very few of us will remember back to 1752 when a number of people thought that they had lost eleven days of their lives. The day after 2 September 1752 became the 14 September 1752. It would be a strange eleven plus year if the eleven plus examinations were `lost’ in a similar transfer of days. A decision was made to change the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar.

Thank of the language of an eleven plus boy on being told that he had missed his examination because the dates of his examination had been swallowed up: “Oh! I thought that the papers were rather easy.”

Every eleven plus teacher is a language teacher. It does not matter if the eleven plus student is working on a reasoning paper or mathematics or even English. Work still has to be corrected. Spelling mistakes still have to be pointed out, rectified and learnt.

Throughout an eleven course children are learning new words, ideas and concepts. The speed the child can assimilate this new information does indicate, to a degree the child’s readiness for the examination.

Parents may need to consider, at times, that their eleven plus work with their child needs to rely heavily on helping their child acquire necessary language skills. Because of the multiple choice nature of most of the eleven plus examinations there must be a feeling, at times, that selecting the correct multiple choice answer is the key eleven plus factor.

It is only a matter of time before the modern influences of texting, blogging, face book and messenger start filtering through to eleven plus papers. On the day of the actual examination very few eleven plus children would be fazed if they were told to:

Read d instrctions carefuly.

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