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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Eleven Plus Trolley

Eleven plus children are soon going to be buying the latest eleven plus gadget. It looks rather like a trolley on wheels. There are five shelves. On the lowest shelf is the large easily chargeable power unit. The technology is based on the power units used in battery powered cars. The Eleven Plus unit needs a good power supply to drive the computer and the phone.

The special eleven plus printer lies on the second from the bottom shelf.

The next shelf up is for books. Here a collection of eleven plus books and files are assembled. There is a special bookend for dictionaries.

A drawer follows. Spare eleven plus sheets are thrown into half, the other half holds pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and other essential eleven plus stationary.

The next shelf has special compartments for the phone charge, the phone, the headphones, the writing tablet and the cable to the computer which lies comfortably on the top. The computer is connected wirelessly to the internet.

Underpinning the whole eleven plus gadget is an ingenious device to help the trolley climb stairs. (Few eleven plus homes have lifts – so for once the eleven plus has to cater for the masses. Of course I may be proved wrong.)

The unit tries to help stop eleven plus clutter within the home. There is less need for books and papers to be scattered all over every working surface in the home. (Look Mum, I have tidied up!)

Ownership of one of the patent eleven plus boxes will give your child an advantage over every other eleven plus child. Think of the time you will save.

Mother of Eleven plus child without the special trolley: “Where did you put those papers? I told you to put them away.”

Mother of child with a special trolley: “Good dear, we are ready to go. Enjoy yourself!”

The trolley is compatible with all eleven plus sources. It does not matter which examination board is setting the examination – because the trolley can take care of every eventuality.

Research will show, in time that children who have the trolley are up to five times more likely to do well. (Well this does have to be proved.)

A trolley is a small cabinet on castors. It is also used for moving weights. In America we can get a trolley bus. Air hostesses hate being told they are trolley birds. An Eleven Plus Trolley is that warm feeling that embraces a family as they work together, as a team, towards the eleven plus.

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