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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Eleven Plus Breakfasts

Is it possible that there could be some form of relationship between meal times and success in the eleven plus? Is a child nibbling on crisps and sucking chocolate bars more likely to less likely to want to eat meals at set and specified times? This are questions may perturb a minority. Most families will have their own rhythm and their own eating habits.

In some cases it must be a very complicated task trying to synchronise meal times in the family. Imagine having to cook special meals for the eleven plus candidate. The family, for example, may be eating a tasty roll of beef – but the eleven plus candidate is on fish brains and bananas – become some expert has found that mice react best on fish food and bananas. It is perfectly all right if the candidate likes fish – but must be a horrifying experience to watch the rest of the family tucking into a solid English meal while nibbling at desiccated fish.

We all know that breakfast in the most important meal of the day. I met an eleven plus candidate this year who stated that she never ate breakfast. Her mother explained that she too never ate in the morning. Should her mother have looked ahead when her daughter was a baby and started eating breakfasts to ensure that her daughter (when she reached ten) also wanted to break her fast? Should we believe the breakfast food manufactures when that state that we need to eat a hearty first meal of the day?

Suppose that a mother opted to provide her candidate with a `Full English Breakfast’ as a treat on the morning of the eleven plus. (Just to cheer the family up!) The breakfast food could revolve around eggs. (“Would you prefer scrambled, poached or fried?”) There could be bacon. (“How many rashers do you think you would like?) The meal could also have a little back pudding, toast, grape fruit, milk and possibly beans.

Other mothers and fathers may offer a more continental breakfast of croissants and preserves along with a cup of coffee. (It is suggested that the typical little shot of brandy that some continentals seem to prefer with their coffee may not be a good idea on the on the morning of the examination.)

And finally, the breakfast cereal, along with a slice of toast and jam or marmalade, may be a preferred offering.

Discuss the preferred menu ahead of the day – leaving you to shop, if necessary, for any unforeseen delicacies.

“Do you really want a chocolate cream egg this early in the day?”

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