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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eleven Plus Questions

Do successful eleven plus children have a certain type of personality?

Do eleven plus children, who are struggling with their work, develop an excessively social attitude?

Are eleven plus children who are under achieving become hostile and display changeable moods?

Is the mental efficiency of the eleven plus child significantly affected by his or her personality?

Are some very able children excessively obsessive?

Do girls who make friends easily achieve higher eleven plus marks than their less sociable peers?

Do mothers have more influence than fathers over eleven plus work?

Does a child centred eleven plus regime obtain higher marks than one of pressure and more pressure?

Do some eleven plus children feel superior to other children?

Do steps to reduce anxiety and emotional disturbance help children to do better on tests?

How can the detrimental elements of eleven plus teaching be reduced?

Can any child survive a truly permissive eleven plus experience?

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