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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eleven Plus Realism

A number of new eleven plus parents will be approaching the year with a sense of purpose. Other parents may try to visualise the problems that could lie ahead. By and large most parents will have a plan. They will also be able to articulate their objectives:

By October of next year, when the results are out, my child will have secured enough marks to be able to go to the grammar school of our choice.

Some parents will try to find the most efficient way of achieving the objectives. Some may feel that efficiency is to do with achieving value for money. Others, in these difficult times, will try to be as cost effective as possible. Most parents will naturally try to set a budget.

The budget will depend on the readiness of their child to pass the examination. A child who simply needs a little work on a few papers will cost a lot less than a child who needs to work very hard towards the examinations.

Books, papers, possible lessons, downloads and courses will cross the minds of many parents. Some may feel that their child needs a full package. Others will feel secure that their child should pass with a little bit of brushing up.

Whatever the choices that are made most parents will monitor the situation on a daily basis and adopt a highly realistic approach to their children. The examination, after all is a competition. Only the best candidates will pass.

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