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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eleven Plus Objectives

Cognitive Objectives

After carefully reading this blog you will be able to:

Distinguish between different types of eleven plus preparation.

State the main sources of information about the eleven plus.

Give an example of good eleven plus practice.

Deliver your own opinion, based on research, to a waiting audience.

Carry out a skills analysis of what you, the rest of the family and the candidate have to do.

Summarise why you want your child to embark on the eleven plus journey.

Affective Objectives

After reading this blog the writer hopes that you:

Are aware that no one has all the answers to the many stages of the eleven plus journey.

Use your already highly structured and professional approach to the eleven plus – leaving as little to chance as possible.

Feel secure in your mind that preparation for the eleven plus is highly practical – and is not a theoretical exercise that can only be carried by `the super people’.

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