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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eleven Plus Information

When parents go about gathering information about the eleven plus they are faced with a wide variety of conflicting information. On the one hand there is the bewildering amount of information on the internet and in books and papers. On the other there is the personal advice from close friends and family. The more parents satisfy one demand on their time – the more they may be inclined to be become frustrated.

Some parents may tend to organise their research into a systematic form of information gathering. Others may prefer to benefit from personal recommendation and past experience. Some parents may have been through the eleven plus themselves and others will need as much information and advice as possible.

Some of the information needs to be factual – the date and time of the examination, the number of papers and the type and range of questions. Other information may be far more subjective. Will my child and I ever be able to work together? Do I really need the services of a tutor? Will he or she ever settle down to do some eleven plus work without being reminded?

For some parents the evening of September the 15th 2010 means that it is all over. The last eleven plus examination has been written. Other parents still have a few more days or weeks of worry and concern. Yet others are just starting on the journey. They are still sifting information and opinions.

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