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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eleven Plus Stars

What would happen if the writers of the `Real Eleven Plus Examination’ came out of their lofty towers and started asking questions which allowed parents to respond honestly and faithfully?

“Do you think that we are doing a good job with the Eleven Plus?”

Strongly Agree … Agree … Strongly Disagree

“Do you think that the format of the Eleven Plus in your area should be changed?”

Strongly Agree … Agree … Strongly Disagree

The questions could roll!

What would happen if there was an attempt to engage the present crop of eleven plus candidates in some form of meaningful dialogue?

“Can you think of a different method of being tested for a place in a grammar school?”

“Is it fair that some poor children can not afford a tutor? Can you think of a solution?”

Educators, test boffins, teachers, parents and children could then enjoy some form of meaningful dialogue. It would be wonderful too if there was a full bodied representation from the grammar schools who would be able to explain and articulate their needs and desires.

Some nine year old children may find the whole exercise a heavy burden. But what about the clever little thinkers? They may care to have a say in an examination where they are the stars!

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