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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Eleven Plus Questions

A few more questions about the eleven plus:

Will the content of the eleven plus have any bearing on the future development of bright children?

Should working towards the eleven plus examination make the child a better citizen?

Will the academic nature of the eleven plus impact on the physical development of any eleven plus children?

Will any bright eleven plus children ever be given an opportunity to show just how good they are at school work?

Does it matter than some eleven plus children have to give up many of their treasured activities in order to be able to slog through a forest of eleven plus papers?

How well equipped will most children be when they walk through the hallowed gates of a grammar school for the first time?

And now for a little aside:

If the eleven plus examination is based entirely on a spirit of competition – where the favoured few are first past the post – then should eleven plus children be expected to turn out to be co-operative when they arrive at the grammar school?

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